Saturday, April 17, 2010


My parents have gone overseas And I'm still planning my design for my new layout...So I'll be rather busy these days and post very late.My theme for my new layout is Lollipop ville and probably I'll finish it by tomorrow Its a samsung s5600 pink.I love it so much!!!!!!!!I keep asking my mother for it but I don't know whether she'll buy ir or not.....Have to save up Do you love itttttttttttttttttt?I'm still working on the clickable smilies too.Can anybody reccommend me of any script hosting sites?I googled all day but I can't find it and I just dream there waiting for miracles to happen.Hmm,I want someone to help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I don't even do finish my homework yet I mean what the hell is angle h and angle u?This is so fustrating lor!I'm so confused!Maybe I'm going to play polly pocket later.I'm so excited!Been a long time since I played it!I really want to play the dressup,toodles!


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