Monday, December 28, 2009


Saturday, December 26, 2009

S7330 rocks!

Guess what?I've got a new phone!I've been like hell wanting a new phone for me because I have been using my temporary phone for like about 2-4 months already!Now this phone got bluetooth somemore!Now sending a pic of my christmas present,will refer to that later.My phone now is S7330 and it rocks to the max!!!

Sorry because I can't find bother to find a better image. *laughs*
My photoshop is not working,screw it
Okay,now its working.

I got a christmas present from my aunt,and its a damn cute croc shoe pouch

Nope,it is not my sister's crocs its a pouch
ok for my christmas wish(not present)
Though I have a very unpleasant but cool phone,I still want a blackberry or LG GD 900 and kim sang bum for next christmas! 

Friday, December 25, 2009



Merry Christmas!I hope all of you recieved banners that I gave! To readers,I dun giv banners sorry.
I've decided to migrate to freewebs after the pink rink awards then I will stop moving there.I may consider whether to move or not 'cause I dun see a point in moving though...I wanna stay in blogspot but I find freewebs more original(exclude cynthia) Ok,I'll consider,bye!Merry x'mas!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Christmas is coming soon!I betcha everyone is excited? Well,who cares if you are not,cos I am excited!!! I wish we have a christmas party!!I don't like to just one family,not crowded just sit there and be bored and just say "This for you" and "That is for you" and just open.I want a party!! And I want everybody to come ok maybe I'm exagerating abit too much about it
But I want a happy Christmas! School's one more week and I'm seriously unhappy about it Dreadful homeworks and stupid assignments,be gone! Last time when I have tons of homework I was so pooped Ahh I finally finished uploading ALL of my smilies!What luck my servers are fast!Addicted to facebook these days because playing guess the sketch challenge. And btw,to all my close friends,I'm sure you got your x'mas banners!Sorry I got mixed up with some Btw,thanks for the christmas gifts!
From Cynthia!

From Cynna!

From Hana!

As for my close friends,I gave them to you already,merry 미리 크리스마스~!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Please!!!!Include your catergory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nobody included their catergory in the email,man.
So,as I was saying.Nobody included their catergory and I had to ask them.I've had it.If you want to join but no catergory,your application will be guaranteed NO success at all,and if you will not be able to join again unless other contests,and please,don't plead me cos you will make me sympathy you which I'm trying to give a shitty look for you.
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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Many Stuffs

Eating:Cup noodles
Location: Home

wow,this contest was a big hit!!!
I've been recieving entry slips in my email lately,so i love me!!!okay,maybe some of you have known that I have like a new toy jerry..from tom and jerry of course. And I guess I'm lucky  .Saturday me and my family went to Parkway parade and play those arcade games and we played the...dunno what big sweet land machine,and I picked up the jerry to the counter!!!Then my father help me push it into the hole.Thanks daddy!
Been eating cup noodles lately Yesterday eat seafood and chat with min now eating chicken noodles and blogging.. Chatted alot with Min these days,maybe is because we have alot in common So anyway back to the jerry stuff I took a few photos for you to see.As an apology for keeping this blog dead.

Yea the jerry doesn't have whiskers.I plucked them out!Heheh,kidding!Some of you take me seriously when I say kidding cos italic is like a weird word then it is italic.Hehe,when I don't say just kidding or,kidding,I'm probably not joking.Got that from Min's msn name.I felt I'm more comfortable with no smilies,no?Kay,no smilies,thats it.Whoops.My camera kind of burned down abit.So I used my webcam!Look clear...sometimes if I used my webcam,the quality sucks!Made myself a set of smilies.No stealing.Its illegal.

Hehe got the pic from google.Credits to Google!

Xoxo,Baby a

Pink Rink Contest

Damn lah,we have to wait for my battery to be charged then I can do the shooting for my next videos.By the ways,sorry for the lack of blog entries by the way.Though nobody reads them heheh And I decided that since it is the holidays,I want to host a contest cos like siaos I'm too busy on my skin.Heheh.Sorry guys.
Winners will win attractive prizes!Gee,hope somebody will join.

Most Pinkish Blog
Most Creative Blog
Most Original Blog
Most Stylish Blog
Best Designed Blog
All of the above - optional
Prizes For First Placer
1 months 88 x 31 advertising in my blog
1 personal blogskin
Photoshop CS3(this one is sent by msn so add me on
You will be linked by me for a month
Prizes For The Second Placer
2 weeks 88 x 31 advertising in my blog
1 personal blogskin
You will be linked by me for a week.
Prizes For Third Placer
1 week 88 x 31 advertising in my blog
You will be linked by me for 5 days
PS // of course the banners will be provided!
To join,email your entry slips to and do these stated:
Put the contest banner on your side bar.Resize it if you like.
Link me.
Post about this contest
Up to 20 participants.
Judges will be people that you know or not.But they are in cyberworld.I'm also one of the judges,btw.

Changes!!!Overall winners will be judged on the overall of blog

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Genting (Part 2)

Day 2 in Genting:
We went to the outdoor themepark.Ride on the roller coaster and I was freaked out LOL
I can't believe I was.Felt like as if I was flying
This is the one we rode on:

Credits to Google Images!

Then we went forward to the swing stuff....scary as I'm afraid of heights!!!

So practically I wasted money on the outdoor tag thing because I was too afraid to ride on anything else in the outdoor

As for my sister,she enjoyed her whole two days on the kiddy car ride.Lucky her

We couldn't go to snow city so we plan on going next time.So I guess this trip was boring though :X Bye!