Saturday, November 28, 2009

Untitled with a capital U!!!

I have nothing to blog about and to tell you the truth......I'm losing interest in blogging!!!

I know I know I blog everyday but am now bored of it because I have no stuff to blog and I'm so sad and angry with myself for having a bored and dramaless life
At least some body punch me in the face until blood drip from my nose right?
I've been searching for interesting stuffs on the net lately and I really want to call Natalie and discuss about the Nicole Problem and OMG She so mean! I hate Nicole!
Anyway I'm going to Genting soon is maybe 4 Dec - 6 Dec and its soon but I really want to host a contest but unable to.Umm,about the silverstuff contest,details at the end of the post.
Necklace I bought today

Me wearing the necklace with a ton-lot of photos

PS:The silverstuff contest is cancelled

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Made some graphics inn photoshop is really fun cos I got to know how to use the brush tool in a fun way
PS:I did not vector!!!
So anyway,I did some...hamsters and maybe rabbits (Rabbits are made from paint) but that was inspirations from rabitto...and it is actually a gift for rabitto too For proof I did in paint,I'm gonna embed it and it is saved as png and still it is nice viewed..but if its photoshop the words will be jagged

I also made hamsters as said,and they are red ones(reccomended color by my sister) and pink ones.The bow on my pink hamster is figured out by rabbito's banner.I happened to pass by her blog and she said she draw everything i was thinking oo she is so pro! Then I was thinking maybe is i use...the brush tool!I could make it so i tried it out... and this is the result.
Welp,I'll post more after this swimming Okay peeps,I'm back. We couldn't go swim again in the evening as it is raining So I'm staying here....bored


Sorry for the lack of to make up for it,I'm going to show you many interesting stuff...Okay lets start with... VAT19.COM!!!!!!!!!! I love vat19 they sell so many awesome products!!!
   Item #1 : Tripod
The Bottle Cap Tripod turns nearly any standard plastic bottle into an impromptu tripod. Simply screw the Bottle Cap Tripod into any compact camera's universal camera mount and then slide it over the cap of a plastic bottle. The Bottle Cap Tripod is a portable, lightweight, and simple-to-use tripod that can pivot up to 15 degrees. It's the perfect gift for any photo enthusiast. Here's the video...

The Bottle Cap Tripod is the perfect gift for your favorite shutterbug.  It's small, lightweight, portable, and can be used nearly anywhere.  Simply slip it onto the top of any standard plastic bottle and you've got yourself a sturdy base for snapping a photo.
Bottle Cap Tripod works on any standard plastic bottle top
The Bottle Cap Tripod slips onto the top of nearly any plastic bottle.

Simple to use

Step #1: Screw the Bottle Cap Tripod into the bottom of your camera.  All digital cameras feature a threaded Universal Camera Mount for attaching all sorts of cool photography gadgets-including the Bottle Cap Tripod.
Bottle Cap Tripod universal camera mount
All digital cameras feature a universal camera mount.
Simply screw the Bottle Cap Tripod into your camera's camera mount.

Step #2: Slip the black "cap" of the Bottle Cap Tripod over your plastic bottle and start snapping away.
Bottle Cap Tripod fits over nearly any plastic bottle
The black "cap" of the Bottle Cap Tripod fits snugly on top of any standard bottle top.

Takes better photos than an outstretched arm

If you're one of those outstretched-arm photographers, then the Bottle Cap Tripod is definitely for you! Simply set the Bottle Cap Tripod on a nearby table and enjoy photos without:
  • fingers blacking out part of the image
  • friend's faces missing from the picture
  • odd framing that seems to focus on that couple in the corner with precarious body piercings
The Bottle Cap Tripod takes better photos than an outstretched arm
Take better group photos with the Bottle Cap Tripod.

I took all information from so credits for that :)

Item #2 : Pouch Tea Mug
The Pouch Tea Mug is the perfect gift for the tea lover. Its handy, built-in pouch provides the perfect place for a used tea bag. With the Pouch Tea Mug, you'll no longer need a coaster or napkin to contain the mess from a discarded tea bag. Simply store it in the pouch. Available in several colors.

The Pouch Tea Mug has built-in storage for messy tea bags

Tea is tasty, but tea bags are not the cleanest flavor delivery devices. By incorporating a spot to hold a used tea bag, the Pouch Tea Mug has just doubled your tea drinking efficiency. You no longer need a saucer (that you'll also have to wash) just to lay your tea bag onto. Sometimes the simplest ideas are some of the best.
Pouch Tea Mug
A handy pouch puts the 'Pouch' in Pouch Tea Mug.

Dishwasher and microwave safe = easy maintenance

The Pouch Tea Mug is stylish and convenient. However, if you had to hand wash this mug, well, that would be annoying. If you couldn't use it in the microwave, that would be a deal breaker. Thankfully, the Pouch Tea Mug is both dishwasher and microwave safe. So, no excuses not to buy, buy, buy!
Pouch Tea Mug is both microwave and dishwasher safe.
The Pouch Tea Mug is both dishwasher and microwave safe.

Available in multiple colors

You can enjoy tea from a variety of colored 12 oz ceramic mugs: blue, red, yellow, and green.
Pouch Tea Mug Colors
The stylish Pouch Tea Mug is available in four colors.

Item #3 : Marsh Mallo Bow And Mallow
Any toy that can weaponize a marshmallow is a must-have in our book. The Marshmallow Bow & Mallow is just like a traditional bow and arrow set except for the whole shooting-your-eye-out and permanently-bruising-your-hand-from-string-whiplash parts.

t's a bow and arrow that shoots marshmallows. Do we really need to "sell" you on this?

While most of the products on our website are pretty darned spiffy, the Marshmallow Bow and Mallow sits high upon the Hill of Awesomeness (located in Macon, GA) where it deftly punishes all who approach with a barrage of mini marshmallow goodness.
Bow and arrows are cool, but they're hard to use. Not so with the Marshmallow Bow and Mallow. Anyone can use this toy (provided that they don't eat all of their mini marshmallows prior to loading their magazine).
Marshmallow Bow & Mallow
The Marshmallow Bow & Mallow holds up to 25 mini marshmallows and shoots over 30 feet.
Item #4 : 

Color Flame Party Candles

These colored flame candles are a fun way to celebrate any special occasion. Each set of 12 party candles features six different colors; there are two candles per color. There are also twelve plastic holders that not only collect wax, but also make it incredibly easy to decorate the cake.

Each candle's color represents the color of the flame it produces. Decorate your next cake with purple, green, blue, orange, and red flames. Please note that the white candle produces an orange flame.

Add a little color to your next cake

Each set of Color Flame Party Candles includes 12 candles whose flame matches its color. There are two each of purple, blue, orange, green, red, and white (whose flame color is orange) in each package.
These awesome candles are so eye-catching that the birthday boy may not even notice if you accidentally spell his name wrong on the cake.

Color Flame Party Candles
Except for the white candle, each candle's flame matches the color of its body.

Plastic holders prevent wax from dripping onto your cake

Each candle can be inserted into a plastic holder which will collect dripped wax and prevent it from ending up in your cake. These plastic holders also make it easy to insert and remove the candles from the cake.

Color Flame Party Candles Plastic Holders prevent wax from ending up on your cake.
Plastic holders prevent wax from dripping onto your cake.

No video for this product :(
Anyway,many things have happened recently...interesting ne by the way...
The holidays are ultra boring and I have absolutely  NOTHING to do....
So I was watching happyslip videos all the way....
The first day I was watching videos of happyslip and popping the milk candy in my mouth like this:

And thats so retard ^^^^^^
Anyway,gotta run!Tell you the rest next time

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I'm almost finishing my layout so stay back and i'll blog properly! Actually I wanted to show you some products but since im so busy maybe another time [EDIT] GAHH :x I EXPOSED MY LAYOUT!!!!! I WAS TRYING OUT WHETHER IT WOULD BE DIFF ON MY REAL BLOG COS GOT MANY POST,I GUESS I JUST HAVE TO EDIT TODAY :x [/EDIT]

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Wow,I've been slacking for the rest of my life!Woke up at 7.00 a.m. today and then can't sleep back again -.- Even playing computer i slacked and missed up over 10 messages on msn... Sigh i feel so tired....Well,thats all for today...gonna cath my ZZZzzzs...and hope I don't miss any messages anymore!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I love you! Muacks <33

I'm beginning to love my conditioner,and I did make a video of it and like finally the stupid blogger error is now fine,I waited for days until I got panda eye already LOL Anyway,I'm kindda got nothing to blog about,so bye for the time being

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Miss Singapore World

Miss Singapore World(Ris Low) speaks totally broken english!I was watching some videos.(To view the videos,visit this channel HERE)

Enjoy the video

Hehe Horse pee telly tee,ze--bra prings LOL
her SG fail totally!Must watch!So funny...

Compare how Ris Low fared in the Q and A of Miss Singapore World 2009 Finals
Ris Low says "MONEY CAN BUY POWER"!?!! No wonder she stole the credit cards...she wanted power :P

Controversial newly crowned Miss Singapore, Ris Low, made headlines on the island republic again after being exposed as a credit card fraud. Can Singaporeans forgive her?
Click here for more info about the credit card fraud...

Friday, November 6, 2009

LG Lollipop Phone!

Phew,its been two days and I finally finished my layout,I went brain bursting yesterday!I have designed many many designs but I just can't seem to find  one that I liked.So,I went recalling all the past layouts and layouts I have seen,and tada!I made it!And this layout is made by photoshop,btw.It does seem easier with photoshop if you compare it to paint.
And would you take a look at this babe. I would want this if I get all band 1 for exam,too bad I don't have. Stupid Stupid maths!Make my dream vanished!!!!!! Okay I'll end here today,I'm tired