Thursday, October 22, 2009


3 days before hiatus!!!
I'm so sad that after this week I will be parmently grounded till the end of school days...
Well,what is gone is gone right?So after exam I'm gonna slack myself out Watching spongebob squarepants to keep me out of boredom

I'm also using smilies
Another Topic
I'm creating a photoblog soon and I'm create loads of albums ~ YAY I so wanna be model when I grow up but unfortunately I'm so ugly I doubt anything can help me,so maybe I start practising now! It will do better,right?

Saturday, October 10, 2009 :)

Hamster love is getting on me,I'm beggining to stick with hamsters again ._. which is feeling awkward cause there is no such thing as pink hamsters,they look weird with it.

Ahh,you must be thinking,what the hell are you talking about?You are seriously jumping off the topic and why do you love hamsters anyway???

Well,this very cute video

I know it is very ugly hamster but it still attracts me to hamsters!I so want to
get one!!!!But too bad mom didn't allow so I had to watch the hamsters hoping
I would pet one soon....

And ya ok can I change the topic?I blinged super many stuff today!Am so dired to bling anything anymore!

My hp I just blinged.It looks awesome in reality,trust me You really shouldn't *smirks*

I blinged my DS too,it looks nice also but am lazy to blog and dunno what to blog.Zzz....
What should I blog to attract you all?

Friday, October 9, 2009

Integrated Project Work

Updated late today since I was discussing about my integrated project work with.So far,I'm think I'm too fussy over my blogskin designs,don't ya think?Once I create a new design,I will think it is boring and decide to change another skin.However,I take days to find a perfect basecode,and in the end I still coded it out myself.Which is tired because am too lazy to do all the work.I wish I have a personal blogskin-designer and can give me all my wishes for free.That person must be a girl and I wish I don't need to credit her and she can do anything,she can even make my blog bling the whole page.I know its impossible.Still,its a good habit to daydream(to me).
Its noodles for lunch today!I quite hate putting in the noodles,and making the noodle soft using a fork,I'd rather leave it in the pot,took a picture of it and posted it on google so as to see bigger

I have no idea what its type is,but I know it will be delicious!MMmmm...
Back to fb!

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I'm kindda sick today,cough and running nose.
I went to the peranakan museum yesterday,was quite a trip.(sponsered by school) and itwas quite fun but the security guards are so strict!Yea,we had to go in groups.I created a domain today.It is now but you can also visit dumbxchocolate.To those who think I relinked,you are so wrong!I just made a second urlonly so theres no need to change my link to =]

Random pic of me,sorry if its blurry,I used my webcam,and my webcam's image quality sucks,I'm not joking,mind you.Went by bus and sat with Jeanie since Athena has a "partner" already.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Okay,my skin is currently revamping maybe will be okay after next 2 weeks ya?Thanksluvya.

Friday, October 2, 2009

pet society craze

I have this sudden pet society craze and now my pet looks damn cool okay!That baby's  wearing some panda sunglasses!!!It looks so cool,that babe rocks!I'm currently on A-list pet level :P I want more!Maybe I will want to give my pet a total makeover,it will be fun!I'll make my pet damn chio!!!After visiting like over 50 people,I only got 536 coins!WTH!Took a few shots of my chio pet

Chiochiobabe in the past

Chiochiobabe in the future

A lot more  better than the past ; i love the sunglasses!okay i gtg