Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Got supplementry today,maths-trophobic now!And crazy at the same time........

Monday, September 28, 2009

School Day

Another week and on and on....so bad that exam is coming soon,man gotta go on hiatus to study,good thing I scheduled my posts or else I will leave my blog dead!!!!Another boring school day,and yea tons of homework,leaving my blog behind,I really don't know what to blog about....is miley cyrus dead in any case?okay dun care about it bye

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Yeps,the title explained it all,I made submitted a new blogskin.
rate,fave,comment!I hope to get a SOTD on this one.Support me!!!
Oh yea today went to a beef noodle stall to have lunch.Didn't take any photos.But when I got home I did it straight away.I bought a new domo slingbag and keychain and purse too but I only took pics of the bag.

rest of the pics will be seen on my display picture on msn,so...add me on msn now!!!

  Spent the whole of the day editting my blogskins' account layout,finally its the way I want it,took a long for me to code out the layout,I had to view source my own page and learn the codings then code the reference out,and anyway,if you want to do a request on blogskins.com layout for profile/blogskin page can contact me,its free but you have to credit me for it. :) so .... request one now!!!
Gotta go,rushing me to eat dinner!
PS: I've scheduled monday and tuesday post so it will auto-post on the dates!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mid Autumn Festival

Went to the mid autumn festival in the playground today ~ quite fun and somehow I'm rather pissed off.There was this guy at the swing and can't he even see that I'm waiting?Whats more,he is just sitting there,as a chair?!And this indian girl wants to ride on the swing but Germaine don't let her and she dragged the swing down and fell then she cried and do you know what the friends told her?Why are you such a crybaby,are you a baby?Well yes,she is!Some kind of friends,slap them in the face!

Watched 2 videos in total,you belong with me and get back.

At the festival.....

Can you actually believe it?I'm on the front cover of 4 popular magazines!

PS:You are tricked!Those front covers are not even real!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Badminton + Famous Blogger Xuesha!

Today went to badminton as usual of every week,but Jeanie did not come for badminton as for she was absent so nobody played with me.Seeked Mr Koh and tell him I got no partner and he liked ask a P5 boy to play with me?!Good thing he refused.Then Mr Koh asked a girl called Atrocious?Whatever,I didn't manage to see her nametag so we played together.Everything was fine,except I kept missing hits and always hit the shuttlecock to the stage.That girl looked rather pissed with me somehow.Sorry to have made her angry anyways.So she went to queue up to play badminton with the coach.

Random photo of me.

Dad bought some spongebob dolls and I mean they're really cute!

Not to forget,pirate sponge!
OMG,my table is so messy!

and ya I guess you already have spotted it, got a kim bum notebook and anyone guessing
what that photo frame was?I didn't take a picture of it as am lazy but its a photo of me young with a hi-5 frame.Childish right?I don't care.Cause it was bought when am quite young so I did not manage to use it as I cannot find it!Then one day I was digging the box in one of the playroom and I finally found it!Straight away
I went to the cupboard and open the photo albums and found some photos I like but it was the cutest so I used it immediately!at once!quickly!

Ya this is the kim bum notebook if you cannot see clear

Anyway,do you know who is Xue Sha?Full name is gui xue sha and she is a popular blogger(sort of) and she kinda pretty and cute,I like her eyes and her hair,look nice.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Popular Kids

What makes you so popular?What did you do that you became popular?I did a little research on "popular kids" and I'd share some information with you.

Popular Kids Research
What makes the populars popular?What did they do to make them popular?You can find your answers here!
Being popular is not a bad thing but something that cannot be bought.You can't simply buy to be popular as it is something to do with your luck,if it is blogging,suggest you blog somethine interesting*which I'm trying to* but to no avail.I also tried before singing,well at least.But still to no avail =( I tried and tried but would that make me popular?NO!If you think "Popular kids are only popular because they are rich"  you are completely wrong!However,they are poor?! Okay la not so....Just like normal kids

PS:Actually I wrote all this stuff myself! :P Sorry to fool you =P

Yesterday my friends told me some ghost story so maybe I share with you.

Story 1 - Photo Horror
"One rainy day,a girl was surfing the internet for some idol pictures,she found a girl who is very pretty and decided to save it,so she saved it.Then she checked her folder if she has the picture.There was no picture so she asked her classmates to try to save it,they all can't save it too.However,she did not know that the girl in the photo was dead and the picture had been copyrighted to her.So she tried to save it again the next morning and succeeded.She opened the picture and to her horror,it was a picture of her at the zoo and beside her was standing a girl with long black hair,wearing a white cloth and her face was stained with a patch of blood."

Story 2 - Died In The Attic

"One day,naughty Lucy went up to the attic to hide from her mother who was fuming mad.So she hid there and waited and waited for her mother to go away,but her mother did not move one bit.She decided to explore the attic,so she standed up in the middle of the attic so her head would not hit the roof.She realised there was a cradle in front of her and there slept a angel,not a  baby angel,an adult angel.She carried the angel to her room and locked the door so she would not get caught.Suddenly,the phone rang.Lucy went to pick up the phone,there was a person who said she would die in 5 days.She put back the phone in horror.Then she thought " that is impossible,he doesn't even know where I live" so she did not care about it.5 days later,Lucy forgetted about the phone call.So she went to the attic,and she saw a doormat,she loved doormats because she likes to jump on them.So she jumped on this doormat once,dropped into a hole and never to be seen again.   

Okay,end of my post,rest will post next time

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I only plurk for the day and also blog sometime but am now bored and no game to play,anybody can introduce me any game/music?Hmm maybe I will open a contest...
How about hmm a photo contest?*snap* yes!
Ok I'm going to host this contest after exams so that everyone could enjoy the competition,lets hope somebody join!

Okay this contest is currently NOT open,it will be open only after exams so nobody is allowed to join until the holiday,but since I'm excited about this,I'll give you details about this contest.
This contest is about every single thing about silver.You have to submit photos of
you wearing anything silver or white,but white is not encouraged,but is still can.
If you are wearing anything blue,green,or other colors,maybe you might not have the chance to win but if it is like black or a color close to silver,is fine.Can.
No nudity/illegal/racist stuff!
Yes,black is allowed.
Must have a blog.
No dead blogs!
Link me in your links section and promote this contest.
Inspirations For you?

Above pictures are some inspiration in case you have none.
Remember,anything is possible,I wouldn't laugh at you even if you arr hugging a silver garbage tin *smirks*

Monday, September 21, 2009

Theme:Katy Perry

Ya so as you can see my new layout theme is katy perry actually I want to do lady gaga but lady gaga got so many picture I don't like but katy perry pictures I like so I made a layout out of it.Since marcus made a new skin and submitted it I thought to use it as basecode cos I want to make that time of skin before but couldn't find the best basecode for it.So I got nothing to blog now cos I really did not do anything

Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Things

Ya so as you can see I got some new things but hmmm where should I start let me think ahh maybe I should start off with saturday

Good piece of news!I'm considering to join to wordpress but a little I dunno,nervous?
So I was deciding to use strawberried.info but some things I don't know so I shooted alot
of questions to ask wendy hoped she doesn't mine me am so blabbermouth-ed lol.
anyway ya I'm going to show you new things I have!

I bought a new bag and a new dress!

Take a look!
I can't rotate this :/ no idea why
Ok I gtg

Friday, September 18, 2009


Yep as said,I was talking to weitian yesterday and she told me to read one website so I'd thought to share a piece of news with you(thats what I read)


With so many comeback and debut stages on Music Bank, 4minute's performance of Muzik would probably get lost in the headlines. But thanks to HyunA, perverts netizens are now paying attention to this performance.

It was the usual hot performance by 4minute for their Muzik song as the girls wore black/white outfits for tonight. But HyunA really caught the attention as she wore a really short checkered dress, with her shimmering silver safety pants sticking out like a small triangle, resembling panties. If you are not a sucker for details, you would have thought she's revealing her panties instead of shorts.

I don't think it's HyunA choice since the stylist picked it for her or just miscalculated. HyunA felt really uncomfortable throughout the performance, tugging at her dress to cover her shorts but to no avail.

Special thanks to http://www.allkpop.com/index.php/full_story/hyuna_steals_the_show_at_music_bank/
for the information :)

Actually I was kindda bored plus I'm still doing my layout :( So I will need time...and to tell you the truth I have been losing interest in blogging 0.0
I got nothing to blog about...seeeeeeeeeeeee?


Lazy to code a layout so might as well use blogskins.com's.I'm feeling extra bored right now,just finished downloading a new program so i'm trying it out.

Using that program.
P/S:Please do not ask me what program I use because that is super irritating!
Okay,I'm gonna have to go,maybe I'll post again soon.
Currently talking to weitian

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Her birthday

Today is the very very very very special day for the queen!Everybody is preparing just for her and everybody came!But they are all my sister friend cause her birthday.Happy birthday!
Sorry for the size and now all these children are around me watching me blog.But they never knew what I am typing
LOLS.The house is now ransacked ._. I'm so waiting for my friends to come and all of them leave so I can camwhore~I post later
Happy Birthday Arina!!!

Birthday Pictures...

Haha!Toturing Claire...

Very cute right?Claire so cuteeeee!!!
The birthday decoration,on the grass one that cutie little dogg!!
Momoko being dumb :X
The baby drinking milk
Closer view,she damn cute
Planning what to play...
                            Yuka damn shy so big le Primary 1 still scared...
Girl party!~woah...

Friday, September 11, 2009

Business is boosting!

My business is boosting!Although my skins are very expensive,I still got requests!
Yayayya!and I have a bump on the side on my lips,its so irritating and pain!!!

Yes,its terrible and irriating and when you poke it its pain!So pain,gtg bye!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I've been neglecting my blog for a resource site...and I've found a new skin layout,gotta edit it soon.
Anyway,check this funny video!

Hahaha,lets discuss HTML and C++ and my blog looks stupid,so I'm gonna change it,anyway this is the 63rd post of this blog.Yay!

Okay,okay,I know,new layout.I always finished my resource site edits,but not all resources are done,most of them are revamping,neh.
Click HERE for my resource site or in my profile section neh.kthxbai.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


am quite unhappy today because I lost my handphone and I cannot be finding it anywhere!by the ways,going to make a new portfolio soon!so yea!I'm happy at the same time.And due to ripper,I might be changing skin(maybe) changing skin.Today no picture.okay,bye

Monday, September 7, 2009


After seeing,this video,I wish I can decorate the nail in school!
I'm so wanting to go there and do my nails!My nails is like damn fugly and short,I want it square-ish and long!

Check out some nail designs that I googled!Ribbons and,and jewels!Pretty!

This is pretty too right?Right??Flowers is like the sakura in japan!or was it korea?
Anyway,I took some photos on Saturday or Sunday and decided to share some with ya :)
This pic is like have a fake tattoo of my name on my hand.Or maybe arm.
Should I use this as my wallet?Will it feel auntie?
And should I use this as my diary?I mean I know I have a blog but...I can't be online all of the time!
I seriously need something to keep records of my life!!!

Good news!!I'm not using smileys anymore!
Because I'm going to use my keyboard to type out the emoticons! \(^.^)/
'Cause for some reason I am lazy to upload the emoticons,and I have to wait for it so why not type fast when you have to waiit for the draggy image host? Its simply wasting your time (¬_¬)
kthxbye.ヽ( ´ー`)=ノ

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I can't be bothered

Today I have met the most idiotic person,her name is Chloe,which I don't believe it is.She said I'm selling some shitass skins?!Stop trying to act mature,everyone knows your are in your diaper days and is a daydreamer.
Anyway,I just found out that my skin has been ripped!!!
what more do you want,chloe???!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

new layout

Okay,finish my new layout,but not quite finished editing the visitors' page.
Anyway,I just opened skin request and that is good news but you must purchase it so it was bad news! But not expensive so not such bad news after all!
Navigational skin is $15 but non-navigational is cheaper! $10.50 only!!!
Click here to purchase a skin now!!
and note,if you think I'm noob,I will tell you I'm better now so you'd better not think of that and speaking about that I finally installed photoshop cs4
Ok,ok,I know beforetime I said I really don't understand why some people need photoshop,but hello,this is cheap okay
and at least now I can edit photos easier and I also found free photoshop cs3!So concedience(what's the word again?) right?
I love the dress I am wearing today!I loveeeee it
Never use MSN the whole day.There was something wrong with my creative suite 4 and installed again so must close everything,even must sign out of MSN and must exit so I exit and cannot get back my msn until next restart.
Currently no photos today because never even took one.Don't ask.
Anyway,found may interesting tutorials on photoshop in youtube.I also uploaded some videos.
There's an ice popsicle tutorial,yummy!
This week's videos
Braided Hairband Tutorial

Adobe Photoshop CS3 Free

okay,ending here.kthxbye!