Sunday, July 26, 2009

new pictures

I was playing around my paint when I found alot of new tricks and I made some pictures and I'm not going to tell you the trick unless I don't want to use it anymore

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Boys Over Flowers

I've been crazy over boys over flowers,I finally got the DVD!Now I don't need to be fustrated over youtube!Hooray for me!Okay,now back to blogging,I'm now fustrated over two nice layouts -.- Maybe a little reconsideration perhaps?Geez,consideration can be harder than you thought
I'm almost getting sick of this layout but I'm tolerating,very tolerant.
I must use this skin for at least 1 month.Its as a punishment 'cause I don't like to wait.Watching BOF on my portable DVD now.Poor Lee Min
Ho in his engagement problems!Curse his mother,no wonder they call her witch.He almost gotten crazy in this one (LOL) Got no pictures for the worst,will upload them tomorrow.I'll take some on my webcam now.
Catch up with ya later,toodles.
Guess what?
Visitor:Wow,you'd doll yourself up to just take a picture?

Visitor (2):She's too exaggerating.


Visitor: Geez,I bet her oral got 0/10 for her voice as such.Hahaha,:P

Visitor (2):She's fuming already,lets go.

(I chase them away,chasing,running,chasing,running)
How I pity lee min ho.
Being forced to do everything he doesn't want to do :/
What a guy.Lets hopes everything gets back to normal,toodles.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hair band VS No Hair Band

Do I look better on hair band?No hairband?
Please save it and rotate or if you can see sideways,I forgot to rotate them.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Firstly, I do not want to wear that indian dress tomorrow at the BBQ!
Secondly, this laptop is obviously mine is not why there is no account labeled "her" name?!
Thirdly, what is the stupid BBQ about?!What occasion?!
Okay,I'm back in blogger!I'm currently using blogger draft and its so cool and way better than blogger the colours are so nice,should join!
Too bad,I won't give you the URL so google it yourself and I am still thinking to use smilies or not so I'll not use them for the time being.
I think its cool to use smilies and cool to not use smilies.I'll
As said,I'll not use them for the time being and if there's any other blogger sites that can have clickable smilies?
Please recommend me,thank you.
I'll be going to my tuition afterwards,then I have to take a nap 'cause I'll be WATCHING TRANSFORMERS MOVIE IN MIDNIGHT!!!
Got watch before but wanna watch again.
I'll post photos tomorrow and,I'm going to make 2 blogskin to make some choices on changing,I won't change it too soon and I wanna just make one simple layout so it'll not take long but my first layout I'm still dealing with my navi.I'm going to find a place to put my navi can anyone tell me which is a good place?
left or right?Up or down?
Ah-hah!K.I got the idea already no need to tell me.
I think I'll put it inside can already.
I'll put a poll on which to choose when I finished both layouts.
Okay,I'm going soon,will end here today.
PS:I'm bsck so I'll blog here forever and ever and I'm quitting livejournal
PSS:Livejournal so lousy.
PSSS:I'm going to need time to finish those layouts.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009



I'm leaving,this is my new blog.I will be back if I find livejournal surroundings poor.