Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Holiday!!!

Yo today was a holiday so I could post and yay!!! Luckily I was just sick so I could not go to school I think if I have the time I'll watch "Live Or Bread" by Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng hehe not watching with my mother though...she's quite busy the past few days and that she's sick too and she's always tired these few weeks.. and by the way the past few weeks we change our EZ-LINK cards!!
I looked so ugly in the picture All my classmates laugh at me!!!
I want revenge
Meanwhile I'll show you pictures we took on my webcam..

hahahaha my sister wearing the mask and she's so cute LOL

Random shots now so soon
Take note:Random Shots Only Fit ME

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Yo peeps today will be a short post actually...and fewer pictures but nevermind anyway tomorrow will be a crowd of photos chattering around !! And I Promise!!
[after a few hours..]Sorry!Will be busy!Bye!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Yo people
today was sick and need to stay at home have been having leg cramps recently so pain...
Anyway,so sorry I haven't been updating these few weeks was very busy with my SA1 exams
And by the way,just for your info I'll start with a normal post now...don't hang your computer of the flooded photos!
Its gonna be a longggggggggggggg start

Yesterday was such a tiring day ,took some peektures...

I told you it was a tiring day!I can even sleep with a book on !
EEEK!!Who took a photo of my diary !!!
My B'day is coming so I dunno one Auntie Li Ping send me that card
We're the hats' club hahaha
LOL just a random shot of myself?

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Good morning friends,aliens,peeps Photobucket
went to fetch my sister to school today .so cute Photobucket!!!!
I really missed the old times in my kindergarten school

My teachers really missed me so much Photobucket!!!
I missed them too but too bad I'm already a grown-up not a baby Photobucket

My teachers changed their looks Photobucket
Teacher alice got long hair liao,change her spectacles
Chen lao shi still the same larrs just the teachers now have to wear uniform like T-shirt and black pants or something...
then went to heartland mall eat mcdonalds..went out of the car into some kind of carpark and so squeezy
But who cares anyway as loing as you get to eat delicious food!YUM
I would'nt want to eat too much fast food or else I'll get fat Photobucket
During school time the annoying lindsay come and annoy me again Photobucket
I really hate seeing her tedious face Photobucket
She was not my friend anymore since when me and jovi's group in the captain ball wins but she said she doesn't want to be my friend anymore which was fine with me Photobucket because I dont trust her anyway...

By the way if you never know her before I know her too well Photobucket
You gotta see this,girl
Lindsay is:
Good friend
Bad friend
Silly friend
To me
I am way to better than lindsay by:
Nice name(eng or chi oso nice)
A blogger...
I am way too glad I'm better than lindsay now !!